Who We Are

Restoration Church is a community devoted to the message, mission, and movement of Jesus Christ in the Chicago suburbs.

A simple meal, a small group of uncommon friends, and God. These were the ingredients of a global movement with a mission to restore the world from its broken and chaotic state, one person at a time. The movement wouldn’t come through money, power, force, or intimidation. Instead, it was defined by the very opposite: love, humility, sacrifice, and faith.

What began with twelve disciples of Jesus Christ in the heart of ancient Jerusalem continues today in homes and small-group communities across the world. This is the foundation to Restoration Church. We are a church committed to the original message, mission, and movement of Jesus Christ that continues to transform hearts and lives forever.

Read more about this story from the Bible, The Last Supper.

Our Gatherings

We’re a church unbound by walls or an address.

We are an organic network of small-group communities who meet in homes. We use the resources we have to worship God, grow as followers of Jesus, and serve others. Weekly services are simple, transformational gatherings devoted to the study of scripture, communion, prayer, fostering authentic relationships, and being sent back into the world on mission.


Everyday Leadership that Changes the World // James 3

Gospel movements are sustained by everyday leaders. Our pastors, teachers, seminary professors all have an important place in teaching, equipping, and building up believers to participate in God’s redemptive plan for the world. But it’s the everyday leader – the peacemaker – who builds bridges and opens up opportunities for God to reveal Himself to …

Community as a Reflection of Humanity // Revelation 5:9-10

The church as a community is designed to be a reflection of God’s most treasured creation and possession – humanity. From every tribe, language, people, and nation, the church glorifies God when it reflects the diversity of humanity. It’s the promise of the eternal Kingdom and the present reality we seek to create in Christ …


How do I learn more about, visit, or get involved with Restoration Church?

If you’re looking for a fresh expression of the church inspired by the New Testament, then Restoration Church might be a place for you and your family. Connect with us by sending a message using the form below to begin the conversation. We’ll respond within 24-48 hours!