Detox Your Soul: Part 2 // Acts 2:38-41

In this week’s podcast, we’ll address one of the primary issues that prevents us from choosing goodness and righteousness in our lives: pain. Making changes in our life is hard work, and can often be painful. Instead of embracing the pain of change, we often seek to avoid and cover it up, allowing sin to continue to wreak havoc on our souls. Here’s the good news message you’ll learn this week and how to put it into practice: If sin destroys, then Jesus restores. If you are suffering with depression, sadness, anger, isolation, addiction, abuse, or other forms of brokenness in your life, you can’t afford to not find out how God is eager to partner with you in your healing and restoration.

Will you take the “Detox Your Soul Challenge?”

  1. Prayerfully identify and repent of your “drug of choice”.
  2. Choose to follow Jesus and begin a partnership with his Spirit.
  3. Get help by sharing your decision with someone and asking for accountability.
  4. Make a plan with reasonable goals that will help you “detox” and stay healthy.
  5. Grow in the ways of Jesus by investing in a discipleship community.

Resource mentioned in today’s podcast:
Spiritual Discipleship: Principles of Following Christ for Every Believer, by J. Oswald Sanders (Moody Publishers).

Detox Your Soul: Part 2 // Acts 2:38-41 // January 21, 2020

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