The Divine Word // John 1:1-18

This week we begin a new series at Restoration Church, a study of the Gospel of John. We’ll work through the entire book over the coming months, examining the claims of Jesus Christ, the implications for the life of the disciple, and the missional-impulse that John calls every Christ-follower to embody in the world. On this week’s podcast we’re studying the dramatic prologue to John’s gospel that ties God’s creative power and revelation together in Jesus Christ.

Questions for Discussion:

  1. What does this passage (John 1:1-18) say about those who believe and those who don’t believe Jesus is God?
  2. What doubts or questions do you have regarding the claim of Jesus?
  3. Based on this passage, how should those who believe be inspired to live on mission in the world?
The Divine Word // John 1:1-18 // January 28, 2020

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