Finding Purpose in Disruption: Palm Sunday // Luke 19:28-48

Right now we are living in very disruptive days. As people around the globe work to mitigate, contain, and eradicate the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, our lives have been significantly disrupted. What purpose or meaning can we find in chaotic times? What does the Easter story in Scripture have to tell us about disruption and how God uses it? As it turns out, the ways of Jesus are the ways of disruptive action and is embedded within the very gospel message we believe. This is a two-part series from Restoration Church on “Finding Purpose in Disruption: Reflections for Easter in a Global Pandemic.”

Questions for Discussion:

  1. What part of your everyday life has been most disrupted?
  2. How might God be using this disruption to focus your eyes, ears, and heart on Jesus?
  3. Why is the story of Easter good news for the world, now more than ever?
Finding Purpose in Disruption (Palm Sunday) // Luke 19:28-48 // April 2, 2020

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