Easter in Quarantine: Finding Purpose in Disruption // John 20:19-23

Easter of 2020 will not be forgotten. It’s the year of significant disruption to our family, work, school, and the practice of our faith. What is typically known for large gatherings of Christians in celebration has been pushed into the quiet and lonely places of our home. It’s an Easter like no other, and the temptation might be to skip it, ignore it, or dismiss the prospects of a greater purpose in the disruption. However, when we lean into the moment, we discover the beauty of God and His mission in the world through the resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ. The resurrection disrupts fear with hope-filled faith; a faith that sparks and sustains a worldwide movement over two-millennia (and counting).

Questions for Reflection and Discussion:

  1. Are you lacking peace of joy right now in your life?
  2. What fears do you need to invite the presence of Jesus to disrupt?
  3. How is the Lord calling you to actively participate in God’s missional-movement by extending forgiveness, grace, or restoration to the sick, poor, widows, orphans, oppressed, or sinners?
Easter in Quarantine: Finding Purpose in Disruption // John 20:19-23 // April 8, 2020

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