Restoration Church Update

To our listeners,

As of August 2020, Restoration Church in Lake Zurich is no longer operating as a formal ministry. We are thankful for how God has used us and our ministry in the greater Chicago suburbs since our founding in 2018.

Although the story of Restoration Church has come to a close, its mission and ideals will live on through the lives of our members and those we have ministered to both near and far, including through our podcast ministry. We take great comfort in knowing the work of the Kingdom is not limited to a church name, building, or leader, but rather is embedded in the soul and works of its people who live by the Spirit in every situation and place.

Although there will be no new podcast episodes produced, our feed with all past content will be made available for the foreseeable future as an on-going extension of our ministry.

If you wish to continue following Pastor Matt, you may do so on his blog at Thank you for listening, following our ministry, and your hunger for the Kingdom of God.

Restoring lives, our community and the world in the ways of Jesus – together.

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