Leading Our Children in Crisis: An Interview with Stephanie Landon, LCPC

How can we recognize when our children are struggling with stress and anxiety? How can we help guide them through our “pandemic moment” in healthy and constructive ways? In this episode, Matt interviews Stephanie Landon, a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor who helps answers these questions and more as we protect the other vulnerable members of our society – our children – by leading them well through crisis.

Leading Our Children in Crisis // June 1, 2020

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A Letter to Grieving Exiles

Waking up to a world you hardly recognize is disorienting, confusing, and tragic. As we continue to process through grief and loss in our global pandemic moment, there will continue to be competing voices of “reason” from our political leaders, religious leaders, social leaders, medical professionals, journalists, family members, and those on the fringes. So who’s voice will you trust and what next step will you choose to take to restore your life with meaning and purpose? In other words, how do we move forward and where should we put our confidence to do so in uncertain times?

This week we have an opportunity to learn from the past by hearing the words of Jeremiah to grieving exiles not unlike us. When there is no going back and “normal” has been significantly altered for the foreseeable future, where do we turn and who do we trust? In God’s economy, hope is never lost.

Further Reading:

Run with the Horses: The Quest for Life at Its Best by Eugene Peterson

A Letter to Grieving Exiles // May 25, 2020

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Understanding Grief: An Interview with Becky Feryance, LCSW

What is grief? How can we identify it in our own lives? And what can we do about it? This week Matt talks with Becky Feryance, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in our community. She’ll help us understand grief and discuss some helpful tips and strategies on grieving well in a season of loss and disruption.

Understanding Grief // May 18, 2020

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Detox Your Soul: Part 2 // Acts 2:38-41

In this week’s podcast, we’ll address one of the primary issues that prevents us from choosing goodness and righteousness in our lives: pain. Making changes in our life is hard work, and can often be painful. Instead of embracing the pain of change, we often seek to avoid and cover it up, allowing sin to continue to wreak havoc on our souls. Here’s the good news message you’ll learn this week and how to put it into practice: If sin destroys, then Jesus restores. If you are suffering with depression, sadness, anger, isolation, addiction, abuse, or other forms of brokenness in your life, you can’t afford to not find out how God is eager to partner with you in your healing and restoration.

Will you take the “Detox Your Soul Challenge?”

  1. Prayerfully identify and repent of your “drug of choice”.
  2. Choose to follow Jesus and begin a partnership with his Spirit.
  3. Get help by sharing your decision with someone and asking for accountability.
  4. Make a plan with reasonable goals that will help you “detox” and stay healthy.
  5. Grow in the ways of Jesus by investing in a discipleship community.

Resource mentioned in today’s podcast:
Spiritual Discipleship: Principles of Following Christ for Every Believer, by J. Oswald Sanders (Moody Publishers).

Detox Your Soul: Part 2 // Acts 2:38-41 // January 21, 2020

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